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SUMARDAGURINN FYRSTI is the first day of summer in Iceland. It is the first Thursday after April 18th, which happened to be yesterday April 21st for the year 2016.

How is this possible to celebrate Summer so early? Especially in a climate like Iceland when the temperature was yesterday around 4 degree celsius?

In Iceland the calendar is based on the old Norse calendar where the year is split in two. Half winter and half summer. Half night and half day. Summer comes early and winter come early.

This calendar makes sense for a climate more north from the equater and more severe with time change. Long days of sunlight long days of darkness. The representaion is perfect. Half and half, short days and nightless days. Two opposing forces, natures’ yin & yang.

Yesterday in Stöðvarfjörður the total amount of daylight was 15hrs and 58 sec. Every day approximately + 7 more minutes of light. In two months there will be 24 hours of sunlight, the summer solstice. This is the peak of light and the cycle and then moves towards darkness again. This calendar, a continuous cycle of a circle of nature, weather, light and darkness.