Photographs of Petra’s Stone Mineral Collection in Stöðvarfjörður. All collected by Petra Sveinsdóttir along with her sons since 1946. In 1974 Petra decided to open up her garden gates to the general public to enjoy.

I had a wonderful private viewing of the collection and had an opportunity to speak to a member of Petra’s family who now takes care of the collection. I learned about Petra and her son’s special gift to sense when a rock has a crystal inside, like a crystal hunter or a  rock whisperer.

Every rock in this collection except for a few small shelves come from Stöðvarfjörður and its surroundings, which seems nearly impossible by the size of this collection. Her stone and mineral collection is the world´s largest private collection of rocks and is one of the main tourist attraction in East Iceland. For more information visit

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