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Past, Present, Future



What if time did not exist in the way society tells us and we could trace events that influence the choices we make and add another layer of understanding to our lives and access the past, the future, to fully live in the now?”

I am investigating these questions and sharing my personal experience of coming into contact with past life memories, held in a photograph, on display of a celebrated soldier. I came into contact with this photo while visiting a war museum in Tiraspol, the capital of an unrecognized breakaway state called Transnistria, which is internationally recognized as

part of Moldova.

Utilizing more than 600 printed photographs, as prompts for storytelling and discussion, to engage in exploring our lives; our synchronicities, desires, places, patterns, experiences, and the stories we tell ourselves, through the lens of influence from possible past lives.

I am piecing together a narrative, through my photographs taken over several years of travel and work, in places that the world considers non-recognized territories.

This narrative of unrecognized identity is brought up time and time again in my life, not only in travel but also because I was born into it as a member of an unrecognized tribe in America, the Lumbee Nation.

I want to share this story in words, images, installation, and other forms of expression to engage with others in exploring the relationship between lives lived and how we can tap into this information as a source of understanding and wisdom. Examine how to design an installation to visually weave my stories through images, words, and other formats that

I can invite people to interact with and create public programming around

this concept.

How this memory opened my understanding and perspective on my past, present, and future.

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