“Ode to Palestine” is the result of the International Artists Workshop in Palestine and was shown during our “Open Day” exhibition that took place in the “Old City” of Birzeit. This sculpture was made on-location from found materials including produce crates, wire, and bottle of french liquor, and a single ivy plant taken from location. The sculpture is 5.6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide.

“Ode to Palestine” is my first large-scale sculpture and is a tribute to the spirit of the Palestinian people. The wood peaces signify the old culture of the land and the interlocking pieces act as a puzzle a complicated puzzle but each piece has a precise function and fit and holds the structure together even though in some spots it might look flimsy.

In the center a found metal rod is placed in the french liquor bottle taken from a house on location that was abandoned for reasons unknown a Palestinian family that left everything behind, important documents, clothing, including a wedding dress and numerous identifiers of who this family was.

The ivy plant is placed in a container of water and is held up by the metal rod. This ivy has an opportunity to either flourish within the intricate complexity of the surrounding wood structure and break free of the structure or the ivy can wither and slowly die. An Ivy plant was chosen because it found everywhere in Palestine and is hearty plant and can quickly assimilate to environment much like the Palestinian people. Due to unforeseen elements and an uncertain future, existence is questionable, much like the current situation as I see in Palestine.