Coming together at sunset with a view of the sea, at the fish factory. We joined together in a spiral dance – a meditation on the ghosts of our DNA. Together with the beat of a drum explore our inner DNA and the mysteries it holds with those that gave life to us and walked before.

What is DNA?
What is passed on through our DNA?
How are “survival instincts” passed on through generations?
What other kinds of experiences might be saved in our DNA?
Is it possible that DNA holds important memories of our ancestors?
Can our DNA reveal experiences of previous generations long before our present time?
Reveal fears? Reveal trauma? Reveal blessings? Reveal patterns?
Can this information be accessed by us, here and now?
Have there been times you instinctively knew information without learning it?
Have you ever known about a historical event without physically being there?
Experience deja vu?
Been to a place for the first time that is completely familiar?
Felt a strong connection to something without clearly understanding why?
Met someone you just seem to already know?

Take a minute and look into each others eyes. We are the past as much as we are the future. We need to do is listen to our inner DNA. To conduct our own personal research and to find out for ourselves, to listen to the voices, feelings, sights and experiences of our ancestors. Our ancestors, joys and fears are within us. In that way, they are with us always.