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Wato Tsereteli and his organization, The Center of Contemporary Art (CCA), invited me to participate in the 2018 Tbilisi Triennial. Excited about the opportunity, I wanted to develop a social engagement project connected to the theme Will featured at the Stamba Hotel. 

The project was brought to me by an owl that came, sat by my bed on the windowsill, and showed me an image that I quickly reproduced when I woke up. I found a map of the city of Tbilisi, which was for public transportation, and then imposed the outline of a human body, delineating the seven major energetic centers. And there was my project. For the rest of my time I needed to interpret what this concept meant and how to engage to the public.

I created The Balance Arts Center in the exhibition room, which was open for several weeks to the public to get energy work at no cost, shared my concept, and showed them the findings of my project. 

The project had a profound impact on visitors, experiencing energy work for the first time. Though I struggled with lack of promised financial support and language barriers, the response was positive. Despite limited relationship-building and the tumultuous timing of the Tbilisi protests, the project remains dear to me and I hope to replicate it in other cities, starting with Berlin.

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