Posted on April 5, 2016 by lorarena on Uncategorized


I have been completely avoiding any planning these days, actually any real thinking of the future in general because of my upcoming trip to Greenland.

I know ‘poor me, having to plan a trip to Greenland.’ I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. But the mere fact that paralyzes me completely is there are no roads.

Let me repeat this again, if you don’t fully understand the gravity of this, there are no roads (and yes that means no dirt roads either, please don’t recommend a 4×4 vehicle for travel).

No road equals no choice?

Why does having no roads paralyze me? Why does having no roads fill me with anxiety?

There is some inner, deeper feelings that I need to address. And I will, when I am on that plane in our descent to Ilulissat. My first glimpse of that giant expanse of ice. The ice in my dreams and seen on screens. The magnitude of this will set in. My grand introduction to my inner, deep confrontation with nature in its purest form.

I am curious what are your thoughts on having no roads? How does having no roads make you feel?