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Balance Arts Center

An impromptu, healing arts center to share my energetic healing practice and my findings of my "Mapping the Energy Centers" of the city in Tbilisi and Berlin projects.

As part of the "Mapping the Energy Centers" project, I invite the public to the “Balance Arts Center" an impromptu healing arts center to share my energetic healing practice centered around Reiki and to share my findings working in these designated energy centers. I offered no-cost energy work, as a way for people to embody the concept within their own bodies and to introduce the methods of how I worked.

At the center, I asked the public for insight into the energy center's locations such as the histories, identities, social activities, and infrastructures. These exchanges become part of the research for the project guide (a work in progress) which is previewed at the center as a learning tool and artbook.

The first "Balance Arts Center" was situated in Tbilisi, Georgia as part of the Tbilisi Triennial and Artisterium in the fall/winter of 2018. The second rendition was at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) in Berlin summer of 2021.

"Balance Arts Center"


2018 - 2021 

Graphic Design
Public Intervention

Transitory White
Human Hotel

2018 Tbilisi Triennial
2018 Artisterium

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