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"Mapping the Energy Centers of a City"

Public Intervention, Video, Photography, Graphic Design, and Audio 

ZK/U, Berlin, Germany, 2021 
Tbilisi Triennial, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2018

Considering the city as a single living organism one needs to consider, like the human body, that the city is always in constant flux. The same goes for the human body's energetic systems. Each energy system is unique and transforms its nature and character based on the other, the functions that they serve, and how each system affects the whole and vice versa. Complex in nature different actions and energetic principles, the city can be said to be the same.


The body is made up of many body systems, a group of parts that work together to serve a common purpose. For example, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and more. You can compare a body system to all systems of city life all dependent on each other yet they are autonomous. For example, such as waste management, transportation, health care system, and many more.


All these body systems depend upon and communicate with each other. When our bodies are in balance, we have energy, efficiency, and vitality. Out of balance, we have diseases and deficiencies. In cities we strive for the same; a common purpose that is dependent on a reciprocal relationship, when out of synchronicity harm can be afflicted on entire groups of people, systems become useless and the population can be controlled.

This framework of these reciprocal relationships is the structure of this project, a lens to explore deeper into the energetics of a living city and the relationship within our bodies and the bodies we are in relation to.


I mapped out and traveled to seven different locations representing the seven main energy systems. making correlations between the system's principles through observation, channeling, and research, using various methods including design, writing, video, sound recordings, and photography.

For each city I mapped, I invited the public to “Balance Arts Center” an impromptu healing arts center to share my energetic healing practice centered around Reiki and my findings working in these different designated chakra points. A hub to share my process and findings and to gather personal insight from others to be included in the project.

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