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With Teethe

"With Teethe

2022 -


An ongoing project focused on my recovery from a traumatic brain injury, which I refer to as my ego death, a break from my egoic self, and the self-actualization of my higher self.

The transcendence of imposed systems of thinking implanted in my brain across time, the ability of discernment, and then detachment.


“With Teethe” is an ongoing personal project of my journey of therapy and recovery expressed through my creative practice to integrate this new way of seeing and being in the world.


Several projects are in process, including working with masks as a tangible way to question and inspect all realms of identification that are forced upon oneself, imposed by family, identity, gender, education, religion, nations, and colonization. 


I have a wide variety of masks to work with that are designed by my collaborator Liz Kozak, ( musician and artist located in Berlin.

These masks are part of an interactive installation that will include audio components and narration of my personal stories associated with each mask. 


Later, I will be using the masks as a vehicle for others to explore, through play, to express their own identifications that are imposed and also to explore the power of agency over what masks to wear.


The audio content will become an online digital project with 3d renderings of the masks and the people that are wearing them.


This mask project was featured in a group exhibition titled “Sirens are Calling from the Shadows” at A.D:Curatorial in Berlin in September 2022.


I am also creating sculptural work; hand carved teethe out of wood that will be worn as an adornment representative of a coming of age.

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