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With Teethe

2022 - current

Paper Masks, Sound, Writing.

An ongoing project of my journey of therapy and recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) expressed through my creative practice to integrate this new way of seeing and being in the world.

I refer to this injury as an ego death, a break from my egoic self and the self actualization of my higher self. The transcendence of imposed systems of thinking implanted in my brain across time, the ability of cultivating discernment, and then detachment.


Several projects are in process, including an exploration of masks as tangible instruments for interrogating and scrutinizing the multifaceted domains of identity that are often imposed upon us. These impositions can stem from various sources, including family, identity, gender, education, religion, nationality, and historical colonization.


In collaboration with Liz Kozak, a talented musician and artist based in Berlin (, I am privileged to work with a diverse array of masks, each meticulously crafted. These masks constitute a pivotal element within an interactive installation, complemented by audio components and narratives that intricately weave my personal stories connected to each mask.


Subsequently, I envision utilizing these masks as a vessel for others to embark on their own explorations, a playful avenue through which they can articulate their own imposed identifications and delve into the potent realm of agency over the masks they choose to wear.


This mask project was featured in a group exhibition titled “Sirens are Calling from the Shadows” at A.D:Curatorial in Berlin in September 2022.

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